restaurant text message marketing


Restaurant SMS Text Message Marketing can put you in touch with customers immediately letting them know about specials, promotions and coupons. Only with this technology you will be able to control, in real-time, customer flow. When sales are down, in less time than it takes to email, you can fire out a mass SMS Text Message to your past customers with deals, promotions, specials or even coupons like free drink with purchase of entree, or half off desserts. And with 98% of these text being viewed within the first 5 minutes of being received that means you’ve successfully advertised to your very targeted audience!

Restaurant SMS Text Message Marketing is exceptionally targeted. It’s so easy to just send out a mass text message at 11 am and expect customers to fill up the restaurant for lunch that day. Or try sending out a text message around 4 pm for deals on entrees for that night and watch your usually slow Monday night turn into the talk of the town. It’s Easy, it’s Fast, It’s Low Cost and it’s High Return! In fact, customers who use these text coupons usually end up spending more than average per check than those that do not. Restaurant SMS Text Message Marketing coupon redemption rates overshadow all other kinds of coupons.

Calculate the money you can make with Mobile Marketing using our Interactive ROI Calculator tool at right!

*We are seeing redemption rates for Restaurant text message marketing in the 20-30% range. Using our calculator at right, simply adjust the numbers to calculate how much money you could be making.

Expand Your Clientele

Mobile Marketing for Restaurants Restaurants around the globe are using SMS text message marketing to reach their customers and increase their bottom lines. Using coupons or discounts in your text message marketing campaigns is the best and fastest way to grow your contact list. Create specific coupon codes to send out in your messages so you can easily track which of your promotions are working and which ones are not. Your customers are going to love receiving your messages when they contain discounts, they will frequent your business more, and your bottom line will grow.

Become Your Own Restaurant Mobile Marketing Firm!

Restaurant SMS MarketingMobile Marketing was once only for large corporations, but with new advances in technology, mobile marketing is now easy and affordable for small businesses of all kinds, including retail stores. When you build a list of your retail customers you are in complete control. Sending your messages out directly to your customers without any middle man saves you money on advertising and gives you a higher return on your advertising dollar.


Restaurant Text Message Marketing


  • It’s a Tuesday night and business slow. Your employees are just standing around. You login to your Turnkey Mobile Markerters account and send out a special offer to your buyers list. ” Today only, BOGO sale on all our dinners. Valid until 9pm tonight only.”
  • With a 98% read rate and a 10%-40% response rate, your tables will be filled and your employees will be jumping into action.

The best way for Restaurants to reach their customers is through SMS text message marketing. No other form of advertising will give you a higher return on investment. Text message marketing lets you beam your offers and promotions directly into the pockets of your customers. Let ReachMobile show you how SMS text message marketing can grow your business.